How To Expose Limiting Beliefs In Your Business

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How To Expose Limiting Beliefs In Your Business

The No. 1 Success Killer Is Our Own Thoughts

A limiting belief is a false assumption we accept as truth.

In voicing our limiting beliefs and giving them legitimacy in our mind we give them power, resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The direct seller who says “I don’t know how to do that,” will never do that.

The one who says, “I will never be as good as she is” will never be as good as the one she is admiring.

Through our own thinking we assign limitations to our lives, a veritable glass ceiling on our success.

“Remember: we all get what we tolerate,” says businessman, speaker and author Tony Robbins. “So stop tolerating excuses within yourself and (your) limiting beliefs of the past.”

What makes limiting beliefs so insidious is that they reside in the blind spots of life; most of us don’t even know we have them. Even once exposed, defeating limiting beliefs can require significant effort and often, courage.

Three Kinds Of Limiting Beliefs

In broad terms, there are three kinds of limiting beliefs:

  1. What we believe about ourselves;
  2. What we believe about others; and
  3. What we believe about the world and life in general.

Here are some common ways we limit ourselves:

  • I don’t deserve the life I want.
  • I’m not good at sales.
  • If I play it safe, I won’t be disappointed or get hurt.

Here are some limiting beliefs we have about others:

  • What could I possibly learn from someone who hasn’t been in the business as long as I have and makes less than I do?
  • I can’t work with someone who doesn’t share my ____ (political views, socio-economic status, skin color, sexual orientation, etc).
  • My company is the best and anyone who joins a different company is ignorant.

And, here is how our view of the world can limit us:

  • Everybody cuts corners; it’s not like I’m the only one doing it. In fact, if you want to be successful, you practically have to bend the rules.
  • Most of the time, success is just being in the right place at the right time. You get lucky.
  • The successful people in this business have lots of advantages that I don’t have.
The No. 1 Area Holding Us Back

For some time now, we’ve been asking home-based business owners (through an informal poll) to tell us where they have the most difficulty in their business. And, while this is far from being scientific, we think the answer is pretty clear:

In your business, what do you struggle with most?
50% said CONFIDENCE — Believing you can be successful
27% said PERSEVERANCE — Hanging in there when things get hard
23% said ACCOUNTABILITY — Setting goals and publicly stating them

How about you? Where do you have the greatest struggle? Are you a mostly confident person, or is it hard for you to believe that you can be successful?

Are you someone who perseveres through the ups and downs of business, or do you entertain thoughts of regret when things get hard?

Are you willing to set goals and then ask another person to encourage you and hold you accountable for taking action, or do you find reasons for not doing so?

FREE DOWNLOAD: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Start By Knowing Your Limiting Beliefs

The first step to conquering limiting beliefs is to identify them, shine a light on them. Once revealed, they can then be overcome.

Of course, knowing that you have limiting beliefs is just the first step. Conquering them takes a committed effort.

In many cases, you will have to “unlearn” things from your past.

Take for example the person who believes they don’t deserve to be happy or successful. It’s possible that this stems from a childhood or young adulthood in which people in their life (usually family members) told them they would never amount to anything and constantly criticized them.

The child who can never win their parents’ approval may as an adult try to prove their worth through an unhealthy quest for success. So-called “workaholics” are often victims of this kind of upbringing.

Many of our limiting beliefs about others and the world are a result of our culture and the company we keep. Think about your circle of friends and your workplace. Can you tie any of your strongly held beliefs to what you’ve learned at work or by hanging out with your closest confidants?

Get Help

Working through deeply-seeded limiting beliefs on your own can be difficult. We believe it’s beneficial to have another person walk this path with you.

There are many business coaches who are experts at helping you address your limiting beliefs, exposing them for what they are (counterfeit truths!) and giving you the tools to conquer them once and for all.

One of the best at doing this is the Direct Selling World Alliance (DSWA). We’ve experienced their business coaching program first-hand and highly recommend it. You can find a DSWA Certified Coach by clicking here.

We also have a fast and convenient way for you to know today what limiting beliefs may be holding you back. DIRECT SELLING INDICATOR is a 15-minute personal assessment that shows you areas in your thinking that are strong, but also the places where it is likely limiting your success.

Direct Selling Indicator is a product of extensive research and collaboration, and gives you the answers you need in an immediate and comprehensive report.


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