Know How You Compare To Top Earners

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Simple, Intuitive & Convenient.

Direct Selling Indicator is a 95-question assessment that takes 15-20 minutes to complete. The assessment consists of multiple choice and Likert scale (Agree / Disagree) questions.

Answering the questions is simple — each one requires just a click — and if necessary you can save your progress and finish at a later time.


 See How You Compare To Top Earners.

We interviewed high earners in the direct sales profession, who gave us the key ingredients that have made them successful. DS Indicator shows you how you compare in each of these 10 measurements.

Do you understand the difference between being an employee and business owner?

To what extent do you really believe in direct sales?

Do you have a WHY, a picture of how you want your life to be?

Do you have the confidence to take consistent action?

Do you take personal responsibility for your success? Are you ambitious?

Are you teachable, open to learning new things?

How able are you to hang in there when things get hard?

Do you set measurable goals and hold yourself accountable?

Do you do what’s right or what’s convenient?

To what extent do you see leadership as an opportunity not to manage people, but to serve them?

Instant Report. No Waiting For Results.

Not only do you get insightful feedback, you get it right away. Your report doesn’t need time to be processed; the moment you submit your responses your personalized report is waiting.

Numeric Score + Feedback.

For each of the 10 categories, DS Indicator gives you a numeric score plus a frame of reference: Excellent, Making Progress or Improvement Needed.

Additionally, you are given contextual feedback explaining the numeric score: How do you compare to the leaders in your profession?


Not A Cookie Cutter. Customized Just For You.

There are dozens of variables in the structure of DS Indicator that make your report a tailored experience. Your background, the size of your organization, your current feelings about your business and other factors are all woven into your customized feedback.

Resources To Get You Moving.

Knowing what is holding you back is a critical first step. Being intentional about your progress comes next.

For each section of the report, DS Indicator recommends resources for you to further your knowledge and widen your thinking.

Each resource is conveniently linked to Amazon for ease in purchasing or reading more.


Great On Any Device.

Direct Selling Indicator is made for every way you connect to the Internet. You can start the assessment on your tablet and finish on your phone. Access your report from your desktop computer and finish reading it on your mini. However you prefer to use DS Indicator, you’ll have a great experience.

Find Out How You Compare To Direct Sales Top Earners

And Know What Stands Between You And Greater Success


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