When You Think Your Dream Is Dead

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When You Think Your Dream Is Dead

There Is No Expiration Date On Your Success

In 1963, archaeologists were working an excavation site at Masada, an ancient seaside fortress built by King Herod, when they unearthed a cache of seeds.

It was later determined that the seeds were from a date palm, a long-extinct species, no less. Carbon dating revealed that the seeds were 2,000 years old.

Checking historical records, researchers concluded that the seeds had likely been left there by Jewish rebels who had commandeered the fortress while fighting for freedom from Roman rule. Some 900 Jews died at Masada in AD 73 when the Roman army closed in on them. The story of Masada is famous among the Jewish people, symbolizing their determination to be free in their own land.

After being discovered, the seeds were kept in an office desk drawer for another 40 years. But in 2005, Israeli scientists planted some of them and, to the amazement of the world…produced a seedling! A seed that is two thousand years old and from an extinct species…PRODUCED LIFE!

Take a moment to soak that in. Maybe you had a Dream once upon a time, but it has been buried for years. Maybe you are frustrated because your business isn’t growing and you’re afraid it has no life left in it. Maybe the entire struggle has left you cynical; to you, a Dream is simply an extinct notion.

For more than 2,000 years, that seed endured. It waited. And, it waited. Once unearthed, it was put in a drawer and had to wait another 40 years! Has that happened to you?

Maybe you waited for what seemed like forever, then got your chance—you were as giddy as a child on Christmas morning—only to be put in a drawer once again. It’s enough to make you wonder if your Dream is really worth it. Maybe you’ve been knocked down so many times you’re not sure how to get up any more.

This remarkable palm tree, named Methuselah, is planted in a visitor’s park at an Israeli research university, where it is now on display for the world to see. Not only has the tree thrived—it is now over 10 feet tall—it has produced offspring. There is LIFE in Methuselah that is duplicating!

Whatever discouragement, doubt or hesitation you might be feeling, take heart. The seeds of a Dream never die. There is no expiration date on your success!

Yes, life is hard; cruel, at times. But, nothing in this life can kill your Dream. Your Dream is not extinct. You can still become what you were created to become. You can still have what you were created to have.

You can do this. Don’t ever give up your dream. The happiest, most fulfilled and most successful people on earth are the ones who chase their Dream. They go for it and they never stop. Don’t wait another day.

Follow your heart. Chase your Dream!

Photo: Dr. Avishai Teicher Pikiwiki Israel CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

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